Hello: I am not your Stereotype

My name is Tamarah and I am a Software Engineer. That is not all I am. I’m a DIYer, building and renovating around my house. My next project is my Kitchen. Yes, I am also a homeowner. I am not a stereotype and don’t fit into the boxes people think a Black woman fits in.

I little bit of fashion and tools

See my profile picture? I built those shelves in the closet! I also added the trim, added the bifold doors and painted/stained everything!

I named this blog AfroAndReno because as I was looking though instagram for DIY inspiration I didn’t see any DIYers that looked like me. I also love color and you wont find a neutral palette in my home!

I created my account in June 2020. Since then I found other Black and Hispanic DIYers but it has taken almost a year and the Instagram algorithm doesn’t show them to me…I find them from shares by other Black and Hispanic accounts.

Tools for the job

The goal of my instagram is representation, to break the stereotypes of Black women. I am a DIYer, own my home, can use tools, design/build furniture, beginner wood worker, educated, work in tech and so much more!

Before: Can we talk about how gross the previous owners left this wall?

The closet before…had one large shelf and a rod for hanging clothes.

With a bit of wood, lots of nails, pocket screws, a month working on it after work and on weekends this closet was transformed.

It has a lot of storage which is exactly what I needed in what is used as a home office. I also learned a lot doing this project which is why I love DIYins and also why I love Software engineering.

Using my brain, the internet and my hands to build something cool. Follow along!



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Software Engineer, DIYer, amateur Carpenter...breaking stereotypes one by one